Download Lucky Patcher v7.1.8

Lucky PatcherFinally Lucky Patcher v7.1.8 is out and you can download this latest version of Lucky Patcher on your Android device, this is by far the only app modder tool that is available and allows you to create your own modded apk files no matter which version your app or game it, Lucky Patcher can help you create mod of that specific file, as every app is build differently and each app has a different kind of security level that you have to bypass to further create patches and get a successful modded apk file out of it that you could use, Lucky Patcher v7.1.8 does exactly that and you don’t have to be a development or anything or have any kind of knowledge in this field, it does everything for you. Let’s see what you have to do once you download this awesome tool.

First you need to enable download from other sources as you will be downloading Lucky Patcher from the link provided below because this tool is not available on any of the app stores. Now once it is successful there on your device you will notice a yellow smiley type icon, this is Lucky Patcher, now launch this app, simply choose any app from the options it shows and it will show all the apps that are pre downloaded on your device currently, so you are basically creating mod of the exact same version of the app or game you have, now tap on create custom patches and choose what you want like free in-app purchases or no more google ads in the app or anything you want from the options provided, now tap on create modded apk. It will take around 2 minutes or so and will provide you with a custom patch that you can replace your original app with and the data remains the same.

Download Lucky Patcher v7.1.8 For Android.

  • Make sure you have enabled downloading from other sources from settings.
  • Now Open Chrome and Download Lucky Patcher v7.1.8.
  • Once installed you can start creating your own mods.

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