Download Lucky Patcher v7.7.4

Lucky PatcherLucky Patcher is an Android application which uses special permission known as “root” which is similar to administrator access on Windows. It has several functionalities that you won’t find on any other application out there in the market. Lucky Patcher analyzes the list of apps installed on one’s device and offers a set of operations that can be performed on those apps. It is one of the most advanced apps out there that can almost do anything you want it to if you know what you are doing!

Lucky Patcher offers the ability to remove or disable the license verification system provided by Google Play will is responsible for various paid application checks. Modify any app permissions and extract them to a location of your choice so that you can back up the corresponding APK. Users can remove the advertisements shown inside a particular app or disable them all together using various methods if they can not be removed. It also provides a workaround for some applications to unlock their paid versions for free by applying a custom patch which can be downloaded by the app itself. It would give you a nifty feature that can scan an application you have downloaded and check if the application has been modified or tampered with in any way by performing a signature check with the original one. Some less known features include the patch for InApp and LVL emulation which can help you bypass the in-app purchases offered by some apps by faking the call to the play store and letting the app think that the purchase was successful.

How to download Lucky Patcher v7.7.4?

Download Lucky Patcher from the link we have provided. Install and enjoy free apps.

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