Download Lucky Patcher v7.7.7

Lucky PatcherDeveloped by Chelpus, Lucky Patcher is an application which offers multiple functionalities which are not provided by any other application on the Android ecosystem. It lists all the installed application on a device and can perform operations like backing up user applications, restoring apps and much more. It can do several things based on one’s understanding of the Android platform. It is not available on the Play Store. Lucky Patcher can modify the Google License verification system which can help users try the paid application without having to actually pay for them. It helps users modify the installed applications using advanced inbuilt tools. The InApp purchase and LVL emulation feature can trick some applications into believing that the user has successfully purchased some offered in the application by emulating the call to the Google Play Store. It has various hooks to disable the advertisements displayed in an application as well as completely remove them.

Lucky Patcher also offers a unique feature that checks if an application has been tampered with or modified in any form by comparing the hash of the application with the version available on the Google Play Store and verifying the integrity of the signature provided by the developer of the application. Lucky Patcher custom patches for some popular can also be downloaded which help users get the pro version of the app by just simply patching the particular app.

How to download Lucky Patcher v7.7.7

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