Download Lucky Patcher v7.8.5

Lucky PatcherLucky patcher is an application which was mainly designed to patch Android applications. This app is of gene .apk file type. This app creates custom patches and creates modified apk files even without access to root. This app was named as the universal correction tool. The role of this application is to modify applications to delete ads, license
check and manage permissions etc., This app was well known for its instant patching ability and it has nearly 50 million downloads all over the world. This app helps to eliminate in-app purchases for any type of applications without access to root. It changes the permissions of the application by modifying the application into apk format file. Google ads in the application can be easily removed by the lucky patcher application.  It also creates custom patches for modified apk applications.

Games can also be hacked using this app by simply modifying the type of file into the apk format  Hacking games include purchasing the features of the game for free by resolving in-app purchases. Lucky patcher helps to access all the licensed features of any application from google play store.

How to download Lucky Patcher v7.8.5

Click here to download Lucky Patcher in your phone.

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