How To Hack Paid Apps with Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher is one the best apps which is used to perform various exciting and amazing features. It let users to download paid apps for free, download hacked games, unlock levels in games, download unlimited gems and much more.

However, using it may be not be a cup of tea for everyone; therefore, I am sharing a tutorial for you guys which will be helping you to remove license verification from apps using Lucky Patcher app. Ones the license verification is removed then user will be able to enjoy paid apps for free for unlimited time.

What is Removing License Verification from Apps?

As I have briefly mentioned above the reason for removing the license verification and let me elaborate the reason for it here.

You might have noticed when you download a paid app then it asks you to enter the license key which is provided ones you pay the app developers. So by following this guide you can bypass this process of verification of app and start using the app.

It means you can download and enjoy paid apps for free without even verifying for the purchase of app. I have tried to make this guide as easy as it could be.

How to Hack Apps using Lucky Patcher?

Here are the steps which you are supposed to follow in order to remove license verification from the apps using Lucky Patcher.

  • If Lucky Patcher is not already installed or downloaded on your device then download it (Android // iOS // PC).
  • Now Open the Lucky Patcher on your device
  • There you will have the list of your downloaded app, you need to tap on any app whose license verification you want to remove
  • After that you need to tap on Open Menu of Patches from the options given below
  • Afterwards, you will have bunch of more options, you need to tap on Remove License Verification option
  • Then you will have list of few more options and you need to tap on Auto Mode
  • Now tap on Apply button and wait until it finishes the process
  • Ones the process is finished then license verification will be removed

These are some simple steps to follow in order to remove license verification from the apps. If you have find helpful then do share it with others who might be looking for the same.

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