How to Remove Ads from Apps using Lucky Patcher?

Lucky PatcherApps which are available to be downloaded for free has always some sort of catch behind them and one of the common catch is ads. You might have seen popups or banner ads while playing your favorite game or using any important app. These unnecessary popups or banners are really annoying.

So to get rid of them you may use Lucky Patcher app. Lucky Patcher is one of the best android apps which let you download lots of amazing apps for free even the paid ones. And today I am sharing a method to use an excellent feature of Lucky Patcher and that is removing ads from apps without even buying the premium subscription.

Remove Ads from apps using Lucky Patcher

Here are the steps which you need to follow in order to remove the ads from apps using Lucky Patcher.

  • First of all, you need to download and Install Lucky Patcher APK on your device
  • Ones it is successfully installed on your device, you need to open the app
  • After that you will have list of all the apps downloaded on your smartphone and you need to select the app from which you want to remove ads.
  • Then you will have different options available, you need to tap on Open Menu of Patches
  • Afterwards, you need to select the option Remove Ads
  • Then click on Patch to remove Ads button
  • Now you need to tap on Apply button and then wait for few seconds
  • After few seconds, it will remove the ads from apps.

This tutorial can easily help you to remove all type of ads from apps using Lucky Patcher and I am pretty sure this must have been proven helpful for you guys. For queries or questions, you may use the comment box and I shall help you out.

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