Lucky Patcher TiVo

Lucky Patcher TiVoThere are lots of apps for modifying the user setting in the devices. But the system level settings are not given the full permission to the user for modifying them the app. You can use these kinds of the app make changes at the user level and system level.

One of such app for making these types of changes is Lucky Patcher. Lucky Patcher is such kind of app which includes a lot of tools, system level modifier etc.

Tivo is the smart DVR that includes a lot of features and it can access the internet to get the content delivered via it. TiVo uses smart recognition and supports content types of all type from 720p to 4K quality.

Features of Lucky Patcher:

  1. You can use the Lucky Patcher app, to manage the system apps which are not given by default access. Lucky Patcher can access and make changes like moving the app from system storage to SD storage. You can clear the cache of the app and it will make the app faster.
  2. Lucky Patcher can bypass the Google Play Store verification for the purchase so that you can use a free app to use as Pro app.
  3. You can block the Ads in a different kind of app such as video ads, pop up Ads and the ads from different browser ads. So you will not be disturbed by the ads.

How to Install Lucky Patcher on TiVo:

  1. Make sure the TiVO and the mobile device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Then, go to the official download page of TiVo.
  3. Then click on the link to get the Lucky Patcher downloaded to the device. You will need to find the app located on the device.
  4. Go to given path and the app will be in the folder, click on it to open and launch the app.

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